Frequently asked questions

Who should be on the video calls?
Initially at least, a parent should be on the call, with or without the student. Ideally, the student would be on the call also.
How long is a call?
Typically 45-55 minutes.
What conferencing platform do you use?

Google Meet is our preferred platform. Anyone can use it easily and for free.

What is guaranteed?

Acceptance at the school of choice is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed is that you will find these video calls extremely helpful and full of useful tips. If not, let us know within seven days after the first paid video call, and you will get your money refunded. 

What else is included with the call?

A minimum number of video calls is indicated with most of our services.  But we’re interested in getting the job done. So more may be needed. Also unlimited email correspondence is included. Ask us anything.

Are there significant differences in college admissions with the COVID crisis?

Absolutely. The next year or two will see more competitive admissions in the very top schools, because a large number of students have been choosing to defer their enrollments. Schools will have to reserve those spots. Some schools are getting more applications because they are now temporarily (or permanently) SAT/ACT optional or SAT/ACT blind. But actually, there’s a buyer’s market to take advantage of in most schools. Applications are down, yields are down, and admit rates are up. 

Do you have tips on getting good recommendations?
Yes. They are included in the “Freshman/Sophomore Consultation, “Welcome to the Common App,” and “Managing the Application” calls.
Can we schedule a video call any time in the process?
Yes. Even after your student gets a decision, you can get help with what to do with acceptances, deferrals, wait lists, rejections, gap years, how best to make financial decisions, and how to sort out competing college offers. Frequently Asked Questions