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  • Course Selection
  • Extracurriculars
  • College Search
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT Tutoring
  • Digital Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Application Review
  • Interview Prep
  • Essay Assistance
  • Financial Aid Help
  • And more!

Why we offer admissions counseling

High school guidance counselors are overworked and overloaded. The ratio of students to counselors in America is roughly 500 to 1. They don’t have the time or budget to visit college campuses.

On average, guidance counselors meet with their students to discuss colleges for a total of 38 minutes. Most of their time is devoted to dealing with one emotional crisis after another. That’s an important job, no doubt. But so is college counseling.

At we offer a number of services at reasonable rates. But we also know that it can be tough even knowing where to begin. You may not even know in which direction to go. The process is daunting and stressful. We want to ease that stress. So we offer 30 minutes of free college admissions counseling to get you in that right direction.

Currently some 50 percent of all graduating seniors graduate with an A average. So how is your son or daughter going to stand out? State colleges and universities, once a fall back option for many students, are getting more and more competitive. More students are applying to colleges and universities while enrollment numbers remain virtually unchanged. Furthermore, with increasing budget concerns, state schools are accepting more out of state students who pay higher tuition.

There is a huge opportunity gap in America. seeks to address it by offering valuable services at reasonable rates.

And let’s face it, teenagers don’t like to listen to their parents. Even the high achieving students are more likely to take advice from a coach, whether it be in sports or college searches.

How can
we help you?

There was a day when a fat envelope full of college information would come to the successful applicant. The dreaded thin envelope carried a terse rejection. Today, every student checks the college’s Internet portal or receives an email or text. But many of you parents remember anxiously waiting for that fat envelope to arrive, and it generally did — maybe from your first choice, maybe not.

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Freshman/Sophomore Consultation

Time flies by quickly, and we want to make the most of it. Many opportunities present themselves in the freshman and sophomore years. Enjoy those years, but take advantage of opportunities you didn’t know you have.

College Search


This will include a series of video calls and unlimited email follow ups until the college list is completed. Beginning the search, narrowing the search, and then refining the search to find reach, target, and safe schools. But most importantly, finding schools that you want to go to. We’ll help you every step of the way.

PSAT/SAT/ACT Crash Courses

Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors

We offer one-on-one, live crash courses. We offer these courses in all three tests and all sections. Each crash course is 90 minutes. There aren’t many fall and winter test dates left. It’s crunch time for students who need to retake these tests. 

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you! You have been the greatest gift to our family!  I know you did not charge us anywhere the amount you deserved. You took care of us in a way that was SO selfless. You are priceless!”


North Carolina

“Curtis, I just want to thank you so much for all you have done for us in the short time that we have known you. You gave [my son] such solid and considerate guidance, and I think his outcome will undoubtedly be better for having met with you.”

New Jersey

“Curtis is an expert in his field and a master at his craft. He listens with an empathic ear and is able to bring out the best in a student. He understands that every student is unique and seeks to showcase that uniqueness in the most positive light.”


Curtis Hier, M.Ed. 

Founder & CEO

Curtis Hier, M.Ed.

Curtis is a graduate of Middlebury College and lifelong Vermonter. He was a public high school educator for 35 years, a debate coach, and a golf coach. He has been president of the Vermont Alliance for the Social Studies and has authored articles in diverse publications such as Education Week and Washington Examiner.