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The achievement gap turns into the opportunity gap, which then turns into the income and wealth gap. College admissions counselors — or consultants, as they often like to be called, generally don’t do much to address the opportunity gap.  They justify charging thousands of dollars for their services by claiming it is a small percentage of what the students and their parents will spend on college. The sticker shock prevents these consultants from advertising their rates on their websites. And, I suppose, it would be considered gauche to do so by their clientele and prospective clientele.  

We at GetCollegeResults.com don’t follow the norms. Our business model is different. And our fee structure is very different.

Who utilizes the normal private counselors? The children of parents who themselves went to top colleges and universities. They already have a leg up in so many ways. And the first generation college children of upwardly mobile blue collar workers. Think of a roofer who has a lucrative business working in an upscale neighborhood.  And that’s the way it should be — hard-working parents obtaining the best for their children.

But then there are the kids whose overworked and overburdened public school guidance counselors may show them how to get their SAT fees, CSS fees, and college application fees waived but are unable to spend much time with them. These are the students who struggle to pay for textbooks and their activity fees, which add up to a few thousand dollars. If these students and their parents struggle to pay for textbooks and activity fees, why would we charge similar amounts of money?

We offer several valuable services at reasonable price points. And we’re upfront with them, right on our website.Choose one. Choose some. Or choose all. If you don’t like our services, get your money back. You can use that money for books and supplies.

And so let us roll out our mission statement at this point:  We seek to provide students of all backgrounds the opportunity to explore their college options with professional support throughout the college search, application, and decision process. We will work with parents, students, and schools to match each student with the best fit for their higher learning.